Welcome to Lansdale Camera Club


We are a group of photography enthusiasts with a variety of experience levels and photographic styles.

Our camera club meets every 3rd Monday (unless otherwise specified), September-June at the Lansdale Public Library, starting at 6:30 PM.


Our Next Meeting is Monday September 16, 2019

(Guests are Welcomed)


Thanks to our club members on a Successful and Fun filled Year!!



Scavenger Hunt Categories for Summer 2019

(1 Photo for each category)


1. Wheels


2.  Slippery


3.  An Image taken through a screen


4.  Kitchen Close-Ups


5.  Cracked/or Broken


6.  Something I’ve never photographed before


7.  Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty


8.  Fine Art food shots


9.  Out of Focus shot on purpose/or planned


10. Golden Hour shots dawn/dust


Bonus Categories


1. An Outdoor Light-Painted Scene

2. (6) Stand in Place Shots

(stand in one spot of your choosing, shoot 6 unique photos of that scene W/O moving your feet)


There will be a select # of prize drawings at the September meeting.

1. For entering 1 photo in all 10 categories 

2. Grand Prize Drawing: For entering 1 photo in all 10 categories PLUS the 2 Bonus Categories


Have a Happy and Photo Fun Summer!! See you in September!  


Photo Assignment: Summer Scavenger Hunt Photos













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