Welcome to Lansdale Camera Club


We are a group of photography enthusiasts with a variety of experience levels and photographic styles.

Our camera club meets every 3rd Monday (unless otherwise specified), September-June at the Lansdale Public Library, starting at 6:30 PM.




Our Next Meeting is Monday November 20, 2017

(Visitors are Welcome to attend)


Program: Creative Photography -- Still Life

Bring your tripod


Take 1 photo & edit it in your normal fashion.  Then edit the same photo in an extreme fashion.  Bring the original, the 1st edit & the extreme edit to the November meeting.

Remember to decide on your category for the end of year photo book project.















































7. Quiet

8. Reflections

9. Moving Water

10. Soon to be Obsolete

11. To Close for Comfort

12. Fixer Upper





Bonus Category: (Print out the images any size up to 8x10)

1. Spell the word CAMERA in your photos using nature/architecture.




Enjoy your Summer, and Keep on Snapping !!!!


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